Human resources, training, placement and induction services

We provide, as human resources, training, placement and induction services, a wide range of services that are designed primarily to source teaching and non-teaching staff for the educational institutions serviced by us in synch with the requirements of the relevant operators, provide counseling to students seeking to enroll in the educational institutions and, for higher educational institutions, to organize campus and off-campus recruitment drives to facilitate students graduating from such educational institutions. Additionally, we also assist educational operators, under this head, organize guest and memorial lectures at their educational institutions; organize off-site trips and educational guided tours; manage and supervise payrolls and employee benefit schemes; and source medical personnel for providing health-care services in the respective educational institutions. As on December 31, 2014, we have recruited [230] teaching staff with relevant teaching experience coupled with certain standards laid out by us for teaching at the educational institutions serviced by us.

Our human resources, training, placement and induction services are provided both to operators of K 12 schools, higher educational institutions as well as operators which administer skills development programmes under empaneled Cental and State Government programmes. We typically invoice most of the services provided under this head, such as career counseling services (for students of eleventh and twelfth standards in K 12 schools, administering personality development programmes for students undertaking higher education, placement services and training and development (for K 12 and higher education students) services on a per-student basis, whereby we charge the relevant operator fixed fees for each student to whom such services are imparted. Other services under this head, including recruitment and training of faculty are invoiced by us to the relevant operator at a specified percentage of the ‘cost to company’ of the teaching staff recruited or trained, as the case may be.

Human resources, training, placement and induction services are coordinated by our in-house Human Resources, Placement and Induction Team, headed by Brig. R. D. Singh, our Director (Human Resources). Our Human Resources, Placement and Induction Team has the following key functions:

  1. Providing recruitment services for teaching, non-teaching positions based upon parameters defined by the operator of the relevant institution.
  2. Organization of guest/ memorial lectures by identifying need based speakers/ guest lecturers.
  3. Identifying sites and arranging for need based educational or guided tours.
  4. Providing career counseling to students, identifying and procuring services of reputed subject experts and assisting in coaching services to the students.
  5. Management and supervision of payroll and employees benefits schemes of employees of the educational institution.
  6. Facilitating campus recruitments by publishing brochures for campus recruitment program, contacting and inviting prospective recruiters; negotiating with the prospective employers for packages to be offered to the students.
  7. Appointment of adequate number of medical professionals, including doctors for providing health services.



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