Business auxiliary and support services

We provide, as business auxiliary and support services, a wide range of services that are designed primarily to assist the running and management of educational institutions that we service. Such services include management of accounting and other records of the educational institutions; maintenance and operation of transport services for students, faculty and non-teaching staff; short-listing and supply of books, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals; organizing academic and extra-curricular events; operating libraries; supply of various material, such as laboratory instruments and chemicals, furniture and fixtures, electrical appliances, uniforms; sourcing printed stationery such as examination papers, bill books and note pads; maintenance and management of sports facilities; sourcing and procurement of sports equipment; providing first aid and primary health care services; and operating mess and canteen services. Our business auxiliary portfolio aims to provide operators of educational institutions with practical expertise on the day-to-day running and management of such educational institutions.

We invoice some of our business auxiliary services, such as the provision of printed stationary, on a cost-markup basis whereby the relevant operator is charged a premium of the costs incurred by us in providing such services. Other services under this head, such as services for maintenance of canteens and transportation services are invoiced at a fixed cost on a per-student basis.

Business auxiliary services are coordinated by our in-house Business Auxiliary Team, which is headed by Mr. Anuj Agrawal, our Chief Operating Officer. Our Business Auxiliary Team provides management support directly by sourcing books, material and other equipment and organizing academic and extra-curricular events on its own accord, as well as by outsourcing certain services, such as mess and canteen services, transportation services and maintenance services to third party contractors.



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